To complete an application, click on the appropriate link below. If you need further assistance, please contact AQMD at 775-784-7200 or AQMDDust@washoecounty.us

Application for Dust Control Permit

Use for new dust control permits or to apply for new permit due to existing permit expiring. Applications must be submitted to the Air Quality Management Division 10 business days prior to the commence of work to ensure adequate processing time. Please apply online through Accela One Regional Licensing & Permits: http://aca.accela.com/ONE/Default.aspx

Here are the instructions on how to submit online: Dust Permit Online Instructions

You will need to upload the following:
-Copy of the completed application
-Site location, grading, and/or phasing maps
-Any additional information you feel is pertinent to the scope of work i.e., photos

Administrative Modification

To remove, replace, or add the Applicant or General Contractor from the Air Quality Management Dust Control Permit; or any administrative modification(s). This form must be submitted to the Air Quality Management Division, 10 business days before the change of information.

Dust Control Log

Print as needed and keep logs on site.

Completion of Project

By filing out this form, you are notifying Washoe County Health District, Air Quality Management Division (AQMD) that the Dust Control Permit listed below has been completed.

Dust Control Permit Review Fees

The Dust Control Permit Review Fee is $243 per acre for projects one (1) acre or greater, plus an administrative fee of $89. For a list of fees, go to the Air Quality Management Fees page.

* Please make checks payable to: WCHD (Washoe County Health District) *