Risk Level III Food Establishments

NOTICE for Risk Level III Food Facilities:  The Health District is enrolled in the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards.  The Retail Program Standards are designed to help food regulatory programs enhance the services they provide to the public and to achieve national uniformity among regulatory programs.  The FDA Standards specify that the Health District should be inspecting Risk Level III Food Establishments at least three times per year.  In addition, the District Board of Health has set a strategic objective of a risk-based approach to food inspections.  According to the Regulations of the Washoe County Health District Governing Food Establishments a Risk Level III Food Establishment “means a permitted food establishment that presents a significant relative risk of causing foodborne disease based on the large number of food handling operations typically implicated in foodborne disease outbreaks and/or the type of population served by the establishment.”  Examples of Risk Level III food establishments include full service restaurants, continuous operation casino/resort kitchens, buffets, manufacturers of potentially hazardous food and caterers serving potentially hazardous food.  Therefore, we have been positioning the Division to be able to inspect these facilities a second time in every calendar year.  

Per the Health District mission, this initiative will help protect residents and visitors from out-of-compliance risk factors that lead to foodborne disease and/or injury.  It will also provide added assurance regarding food safety to the entire restaurant and casino industry of Washoe County.  It is a firm step in the right direction to follow the FDA Food Program Standards in order to protect the health of our community.

FDA Program Standards

Last modified on 11/27/2019