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Adopt A Polling Place

By adopting a polling place your team can earn money for the fundraising project of your organization.

Participation in the partnership will promote civic responsibility, support the democratic process, and earn dollars for you group!  CLICK HERE to view our flyer.

  • From $355 up to $1,140 can be earned towards your organizations fundraising projects once team members donate their earnings back to the fundraiser.  You can double that by participating in both the Primary and General Elections.
  • Your organization can display the name of your group or organization outside the polling place and you will be added to our Community Partners Wall, highlighted on our website, and spotlighted during a County Commission meeting.

Interested civic, school, service, or community groups may complete the "Adopt a Polling Place" application.  Once submitted to the Registrar of Voters office, it will be reviewed by the Registrar and a determination of eligibility will be made.

When accepted, you will be notified and asked to submit the applications for the individual members of the group who wish to participate in the program.  The individuals will be given their personal passwords and instructions for online training.

Each member participating will receive a letter officially appointing them as a poll worker for that election.  Also, a letter will be sen to the host organization listing all the members of that group who have been appointed for the election.

Individual poll workers will be required to attend a short update class before the election to refresh their skills and go over new laws, procedures, and anything else specific to that election.

Organization Response Form/Application
Application for Election Worker Response - To be used internally by organization

Benefits to your Organization

  • Excellent fundraising to further your organizations projects and goals
  • Recognition for your organization:
    • On the Registrar of Voters website
    • Inclusion in our Partner Recognition at the County Commissioner meeting
    • In press releases provided to local media
    • Signage at the polling place your organization adopts
  • Participating in a project that is of great service to our community and country

Eligibility for Adopting a Polling Place

To be eligible to partner with the Washoe County Registrar of Voters in the Adopt a Polling Place program your organization and the participating members must meet certain qualifications and requirements.  See below for details.

Qualifications for Adopt a Polling Place Organizations

Your group or organization must be one of the following:

  • A nonprofit organization
  • Civic, school, sports, service, or community organization

You CANNOT be affiliated with any religious or political groups or causes

Partner Organizations will be required to:

  • Have a minimum of three members participate
  • Complete and submit the Adopt a Polling Place application
  • Have each member participating complete an application
  • Have each member participating complete the required training - Training is Mandatory
  • Have each member participating agree to have their pay donated to the organization
  • Allow the use of the groups name by the Washoe County Registrar of Voters office as a partner
  • Need to have enough people to staff a polling place (3 to 10 volunteer workers)
    • Manager $110
    • Assistant Manager $100
    • Intake Specialist $85
    • Roster Specialist $85
      • All positions receive $25 for training
  • You will need to recruit the poll workers to man the polling place your organization has adopted (bilingual members if required)

Qualifications for Poll Workers in Washoe County

In order to volunteer to work an election for Washoe County you must:

  • Be a United States citizen and be a registered voter in the State of Nevada.
  • Be a Minimum age is 16 years old (student program) or 18 years of age for general volunteer programs.
  • Physically be able to endure the long hours of Election Day (approximately 14 hours +).
  • Physically be able to set up equipment that is approximately 35 lbs. in weight.
  • Have a professional demeanor.
  • Have access to reliable transportation.
  • Able to attend the required poll worker training and pass a hands-on evaluation in order to work.
  • Complete and pass the online poll worker training.

Interested in becoming a volunteer poll worker?  CLICK HERE to apply.

Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »