What information is required to complete a Voter Registration Application?

You'll need to provide the following:

1. Full Name

2. Washoe County Residence Address (NOT a P O Box or mailing address)

3. Mailing Address (if different from residence address)

4. Date of Birth

5. Political Party Affiliation

6. Signature

7. Driver's License Number

NOTE: In order to register to vote, under Federal Law, every applicant will need to provide
his/her Drivers License Number. In the event that the applicant does not have a
Drivers License Number to provide, he/she will be required to provide the last
four digits of his/her Social Security Number. If the applicant has neither of
these numbers, a unique number will be assigned to that person - but only after
signing an affidavit stating, under penalty of law, that he/she does not possess
either a driver's license or Social Security Number.