Ballot Drop Box Information


Ballot Drop Box Security and Protocol:

  • The ballot boxes will be manned with election workers and only open for accepting ballots during the hours and days posted on our website. 
  • No ballot will be left behind at any location. They will be delivered to the Registrar of Voters Office every night. 

  • The ballot boxes will be locked (key and tumbler). The election worker will inspect the box to make sure it has not been tampered with when they arrive each day. 

  • The voter will simply hand over their ballot (or ballots if they are dropping off for others) they don’t need to sign anything. The election worker will scan the barcode on the return envelope for tracking purpose and chain of custody purpose. The election worker will also date stamp the envelope and deposit it into the ballot box. 

  • Ballots will be removed from the box, the number of envelopes will be counted, chain of custody paperwork is filled out, they go into a bag that is sealed. Two ballot runners drive them back to the Registrar of Voters Office for delivery. We break the seal open and count the contents to ensure we received them all.


Early Voting Locations: 

  • Early-Voting-2020-Calendar-update-002.jpg
  • Election Day Locations: 
  • Election-Day-2020-Polling-Locations-002.jpg