Mosquito Abatement

The Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program recognizes the importance of minimizing the impacts of biting mosquitos throughout the community.  Mosquito activity can significantly impact the quality of life of our residents and impair local businesses.  One of the program`s primary goals is to stop mosquitos while they are still in the larval stage, before they reach adulthood and are capable of biting our citizens.  

The Program utilizes an integrated approach for mosquito abatement:

  • Effective mosquito control begins with proper design and construction planning of our community landscape and infrastructure. 
  • Existing infrastructure can be modified or improved through source reduction
  • Mosquito fish control mosquitos biologically and reduce the need for mosquito control products.
  • Biological larvicide products are applied to storm water infrastructure to control mosquitos before they reach adulthood.
  • Occasionally, adulticide products are applied to control aggressive mosquitos or mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus.

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