We Order Well - W.O.W!

Wellness: the newest item on the menu!

What is W.O.W?

Washoe County Health District and local restaurants are teaming up to bring We Order Well, or W.O.W!, to our community. This wellness initiative helps local restaurants provide more healthy options to residents and visitors when dining out.

W.O.W! for Restaurant Operators

W.O.W! focuses on two primary forms of dining wellness:

  • Adding options for smaller portions sizes to any of your appetizer and entrée menu items
  • Healthy choices for kids (if you offer a kids menu) that include fruits and vegetables, milk, water and 100% juice, as well as fewer fried foods

What’s in it for my business?

  1. Growing Public Demand: Healthier kids menus have been listed as one of the Top Five Menu Trends  for four years in a row,[1] and increasing concerns about the effect of portion size on personal health are causing more customers to reconsider what they’re eating at restaurants. You can stay ahead of these trends and provide customers with what they’re asking for through W.O.W!
  2. Publicity: As part of your collaboration, Washoe County Health District will give you guidance and materials to advertise these healthier options to your customers, including storefront and tabletop signage, style guides for including the W.O.W! logo on your menu, and mentions of your business in our marketing channels! This can include featuring your signature dishes, chefs, storefront, or promotions to generate interest in the campaign and put your commitment to wellness in the local spotlight.
  3. Community Recognition: Participating in W.O.W! sends a clear message to your customers that you’re a business that cares about your local community and its health. You’ll attract customers looking for healthier dining choices and put your brand front and center in the community’s mind.

How can I participate?

Participation is simple and easy; restaurants can expand current menu options by including smaller portion sizes to any of your menu items. Additionally, restaurants can choose to offer healthy choices for kids (if they offer a kids’ menu) by including fruits or vegetables, milk, water, 100% juice, and fewer fried foods. By adopting one or both of these menu standards, local restaurants can help improve the culture of health in Washoe County.

If you are interested in participating please complete the application form below

W.O.W! application form

W.O.W! for Foodies

Support local restaurants participating in W.O.W! If you’re looking for smaller portion sizes and more nutritious options for youngsters, W.O.W! restaurants are for you! Participants of W.O.W! offer healthier portion sizes for some of your favorite menu items, as well as fewer fried foods, more fruit and vegetable options, and healthier beverage options on their kid’s menus (at select locations). 

Participating Restaurants

Please note only select menu items are available in smaller portions, visit their website to view their full menu.

The Cheese Board
Great Basin Brewery
Greatful Gardens
Buenos Grill
Los Compadres




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This initiative is intended to promote healthy eating options and is not associated with food safety inspections and compliance activities conducted by the Washoe County Health District.

[1] National Restaurant Association’s annual “What’s Hot Culinary Forecast”, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7077456-nra-whats-hot-culinary-forecast-2017/

Last modified on 12/28/2018