The Washoe County Emergency Management Program assists local agencies and communities in reducing the threat of disaster whenever possible through legislation, training, physical alterations or other measures which reasonably may be taken to reduce or eliminate hazard vulnerability.

Local Hazards

Public Safety Officials have identified 13 primary hazards in our region.

The hazards below are linked to a company or organization that addresses or provides technical assistance to protect our community from the 13 identified hazards that can affect our region. 

  They are:

The hazards above can happen at any time, regardless of season, time or date, Washoe County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program is working hard to reduce these threats and to preserve our community by creating plans and procedures to reflect operational priorities including life, safety, health, property protection, environmental protection, restoration of essential utilities, restoration of essential program functions and coordination among appropriate stakeholders.

To learn more about mitigating these hazards see:

Washoe County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan


Access the State of Nevada's Hazard Mitigation plan to learn about the hazards and risks all over the state.

Learn about hazards in our state and the see a map of the what regions are affected by the various hazards.