Lemmon Valley Update

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Our region experienced a combination of weather patterns beginning in the fall of 2016 that resulted in record setting snowfall, rain with subsequent runoff that created localized flooding.  Particularly impacted were the closed hydro-basins in Lemmon Valley and Stead. Over the next Fall through Spring season, staff will be continuing protection efforts for the region. Residents will see staff from multiple agencies in the community. For additional information on activities please visit this website or call Washoe311 at 3-1-1, (775) 328-2003, or email washoe311@washoecounty.us.

September Update: Approved by the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners, staff is continuing winter preparations and protections and preparing long term plans for future protection and remediation efforts.  View the Washoe County Board meeting online .

October Update: Winter Preparations Frequently Asked Questions: Safety is our number one priority. Washoe County staff is committed to supporting the communities' efforts to protect against flooding during weather events. The HESCO barriers, storm water pumps, and all the service contracts will remain in place during the winter and through at least the spring of 2018.  Staff will continue the ongoing monitoring of the area and make adjustments accordingly. Please review the frequently asked questions  and winter preparation community packet for winter preparations including maintaining access, flood protection and monitoring.

November Update: Washoe County continues to prepare, monitor and respond to changes in the weather conditions and on the ground to localized flooding and resident concerns. An update to the Board of County Commissioners is planned for December 2017.                    

See a list of resources for residents impacted  by flooding: 

Interested additional information on flooding in the North Valleys please call Washoe311 at (775) 328-2003, 3-1-1 or washoe311@washoecounty.us.

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